Christmas in June.

Okay first off, my wife Amanda launched her blog yesterday, and it is unbelievably good.  Feel free to ignore me and click here right now–you won’t be disappointed. This is the third and final post inspired by my recent reading of Thomas Merton’s Raids on the Unspeakable.  As my honest and good friends have told [...] »

New Resources June 2011

Voice of Evangelism-Perry Stone June 2011  Christian Greetings from the VOE Media Center!   Perry Stone just concluded a meeting in Baton Rouge and it was phenomenal! Healing Place Are... »

June 18: 15 Sivan

Do you know someone who has the need to be the center of attention? Someone who always has to be in the spotlight? Someone who, in their mind anyway, seems to know just a bit more than you do? Most likely, we all know people like that but what is it that makes them crave […] The post June 18: 15 Sivan appeared first on Perry Stone Ministries. »

Lee Summer Music Camp Begins June 21

Lee Summer Music Camp Begins June 21 You are signed up to receive updates from the Faith News Network ... »