Nugget of the Week April 15, 2019

Reactionary fear will keep you caged, just running in circles. You see, the extreme opposite of your fear does not lead to the absence of your fear. It is just the place your fear has driven you to once again to hold you captive. This is not God’s way. His way is to eradicate your fear with His perfect Love, so that you are only held captive by the light of His glorious face. Friends, every fear that you have, in any are of life is a prison and it’s time that you were set free and free indeed. Don’t try and run away from your fear. It will just keep you running forever and ever. Surrender to Jesus. Run to Him. Let Him break all those nasty chains off and walk in absolute perfect love, power, freedom and a sound mind from fear. It is possible to be free from fear. Do not be afraid. Let Jesus take your fear away!