October Events Reminder

October Events Reminder

Perry Stone Hosting TBN

Just a reminder that Perry will be hosting TBN tomorrow evening at 10:00 pm (EST).

1550 Agape Way
Decatur, GA 30035

Phone: (404) 288-1156
Website: www.tbn.org

Times: Taping begins at 7:00 pm EST
Airs at 10:00 pm EST

Guests include: Siran Stacey, Pastor Joey Rogers & Pastor Randy Valimont
Music Guest: Shelton Lovern
Plan to tune in!

WHEN:   October 27 - October 29
WHERE: TL Lowery Global Fnd.
              Cleveland TN

Perry Stone along with special guests Damon Thompson and Mark Casto will host a powerful 3 day event. Open to the public.

Thu 7:00 pm (Damon Thompson)
Fri 7:00 pm (Damon Thompson)
Sat 10:00 am (Mark Casto)
Sat 2:00 pm (Mark & Perry)
Sat 7:00 pm (Perry Stone)

We are asking that you register to attend this event. There is no fee but registration will allow us to better accommodate those that plan to attend! For more information visit the following website:


Thank you for allowing us to share these upcoming events with you. We hope you can tune in and be blessed by the TBN program Tuesday evening! Also, for all that can join us we would love to see you in Cleveland, TN this week-end! Blessings from the ministry of Perry Stone!