Ok. Here is a quick primer in Hebrew specifically around…

Ok. Here is a quick primer in Hebrew specifically around the Hebrew name for God, in English, “Elohim” or in Hebrew, “אלוהים.” (My font’s do not copy and paste well but this is close). It is root word is that of *Eloah. *This word is unique to the Hebrearic language and is not used in *any *ancient Semitic languages. *Any!*

PLEASE NOTE: ***THIS IS A PLURAL NOUN. **Plural nouns mean is “more than one.” *Period. This is literally the plural of “*El” *name for God. Remember that. *Plural. *That is important and there is a test later. 🙂

This is not a “Royal” usage of the noun. That is to say as a king or queen would refer to themselves in the third person. A little touched if you asked me but I digress.

We see this used in the Scriptures, both Old and New, more than 2,500 times! There are many who deny the Trinity in this group. That is up to you. However, do not attempt to disprove the Trinity based upon a misunderstanding of the language. I spent years, and a *whole *lot of money studying the subject. There are many more in here who are very knowledgeable on the subject.

Do you need to accept the Trinity to be saved? The hard and fast line would be is no. You must, however, have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, (2nd person of the Trinity), to be saved. That is scriptural.

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