Pause and Reflect 2007-05-06 17:33:00

Pause and Reflect 2007-05-06 17:33:00

I'm sitting here on Sunday afternoon, looking at my beautiful baby girl. She really is a miracle. You can see her pictures on my myspace at She was born Friday, at 8:03. She's 10 pounds even, and 21 and-a-half-inches.

It's amazing how many intricacies there are to life. So many things that could go wrong. So many systems working step by step in perfect order. Our God is a God of order. He causes the Earth to revolve around the sun at just the right distance that the Earth could be inhabited. Over 300 bones in the human body at birth, all working together. A digestive system perfectly balanced, thousands of arteries, veins, and capillaries.

If God can be trusted to hold the whole universe together, how is it that we find it so hard to trust him with the details of our lives? Our hurts, our pains, our hopes, our dreams. Successes and failures belong to the Lord. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that God's word is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. He knows our hearts. Not just our physical hearts, but our loves. Not just our physical injuries, but our emotional pains. He not only knows all of our bones, but also our greatest hopes. He not only knows all of our smallest, deepest capillaries, he knows our grandest, deepest dreams.

Better than all that, He knows our intentions - our motives. He knows why we do what we do. He knows if we do good so we won't get caught doing bad, or if we're seeking applause. Do we serve Him from our love for Him or because that's what mama said we ought to do? Do we come to church because it's a good habit, because that's what our people do, because we want to worship with God's people, or to show off our new shoes. He knows the motivations of our hearts.

God loves us, even though he knows us. He controls the universe, trust Him with your life.