Something is not right in the television universe!

Last night I hurried home from the office so that I could watch one of my new television obsessions: My Name is Earl. Last night I was especially pumped because of the special laugh and sniff version of Earl. How great is that! Not only can you watch Earl, now you can smell the show as well! The catch is that you have to buy a TV Guide in order to smell along with the show. This is a price that I was willing to pay. Please note, I said that I was willing to pay it. I did not say that I did pay it. The reason for this distinction is clear: the stinkin' grocery store close to my house no longer sells TV Guides! I understand the logic in this. After all, why buy a TV Guide when you have a newspaper, free TV guide, Internet TV guide, and an entire (yet quite annoying) channel devoted to TV Guide. Long story short, the TV Universe was not aligned with my Universe so I sat, almost on the verge of tears, watching this great show and smelling nothing.

Now, to complicate matters a little more, I was watching Letterman later last night and decided to play along with the fastest growing quiz sensation, "Know your current events." If you have ever watched the show then you know that they take current topics with real questions and make stupid answers that offer comedic relief. Apparently the TV universe realigned with my universe as I was able to answer ALL of the specific question, word for word! (I know, I know, three years at seminary and the best accomplishment I have is outwitting the writers of the Late Show.) Anywho, I don't know what to think about my television right now. I think I will have to take a break from it....oh wait, I have an episode of House on tivo. I got to go....