Pause and Reflect 2008-07-09 22:32:00

Pause and Reflect 2008-07-09 22:32:00

I've finally found the opportunity to get to the library at the bustling metropolis of Maple Creek, SK (town of about 1000) which is only about one-half-hour from the camp ground.

We are located squarely in the middle of nowhere.

The peacefulness out here is indescribable. Internet is 30 mins away, cell phones on roam, and absolute silence. Amanda and I walked to the "upper cabin" about a mile away from camp yesterday, and we could hear the kids playing volleyball over a mile away. The focus and perspective I've achieved are like nothing I've ever experienced.

This is very unlike Virginia camp. In Virginia, every moment of every day is scheduled in detail. We often ask the campers "where are you supposed to be?" But here, the schedule is more relaxed, the campers are allowed, even encouraged, to wonder off alone. I've always thought that I was an improviser, and laid back guy, but here I'm the rule-following stiff. It made me nervous at first, but hearing the words that God is speaking into these kids as they get alone with him is life changing. I've always said that students can hear from God just as well as adults, but I'm beginning to think that without their ipods, cellphones, videogames, and televisions, they might even hear Him more clearly than we do.

We spent time around the fire last night and the kids reiterated what God had been speaking to them. Amazing.

The intimacy is different as well. In Virginia we need to be more structure as there were 275 kids at camp, but here with 30 or so campers, and 10-15 staff you get to know everyone. Kids open up like I've never seen -- in front of peers even.

The first night six students raised there hands for salvation, and another 7 or 8 for rededication. Almost everyone responded to the altar call and sought healing for brokenness. The second night service was outside and the call give it all to God holding nothing truly SERVE God. (No man can serve two masters). Several made new committments to sanctify their lives.

We are praying for God to continue to move Wednesday, (tonight) Thursday, and Friday nights.

Please be in prayer with us.