Pray for Kigali, Rwanda

Pray for Kigali, Rwanda

Vision of Training Ministers

The Rwandan government requests the Church of God national overseer provide nothing less than a Bachelor degree be offered in the training center to be built that will qualify it as a leading church institution. A law to that effect will soon be in force.

Additionally, the government wants every local church pastor to have at least a diploma in Theology. Today, most pastors are in search of private studies in trying to meet government policy. From what has already been stated on the spiritual climate of Rwanda, one can readily see the need for developing and training ministers.

The church of today needs to be led by those trained in leadership for ultimate effectiveness. Not only is the Gospel for the poor and needy, but it must be available to those in the city and the learned communities. Kigali is surrounded by approximately 10 city towns where trained ministers can reach them with the Send the Light project. This is even more crucial, as the government does not allow people to meet in homes.

Latest on Government Permit Process

Along with the conformity of drawings for the Kigali master plan, the drawings must also be approved by the environmental ministry to be certain the plans include care for the environment.

The Rwanda Electricity Department must approve the electrical drawings so they meet the required standard for public safety. The drawings need to also show the building is soundproof, has a garden, parking places, and fire extinguishers.

When these conditions are fully met, the drawing will be taken to the Kigali City Center for final approval for the building permit.

World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Dr. M. Thomas Propes have high expectations for the HUB to be built in Kigali, Rwanda—expectations that will bring about a great harvest in a city that needs God’s healing and deliverance.

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