”And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” - Matthew 16:18

This week, Lindsey’s great grandfather passed away, so we left Virginia Tuesday to head to Alabama for the funeral. Funeral was beautiful. Showed me that life is precious and should never be taken for granted. Also showed me that if you live right in obedience to the Lord, there is reward…HEAVENJESUS…ETERNAL LIFE…A PREACHER NOT LYING ABOUT YOU AT YOUR FUNERAL. (That last one is somewhat a joke, got it from a Pastor in Tennessee when he quoted it on Twitter). 

As the funeral ended, Lindsey and I decided to go to Tuscaloosa before we headed back to Virginia. Wanted to see some old friends of ours and tour the town. About two years ago when the tornadoes came through Tuscaloosa, Lindsey, her sister Erica, and myself drove to help out a local Pastor with whatever he needed help with. Going back two years later, you see a complete difference in the town of Tuscaloosa. I mean, new buildings everywhere. New houses being built. Churches that ran 60-70 people having their churches blown away, now running 300 average. I mean, do you think that this was something God produced? Was this a blessing in disguise from God?


The first time we drove through the town two years ago, the city was completely wiped away, but now, you can tell it’s beginning to rebuild and get back to where the city needs to be. Churches are stepping up…people are answering the call of the hurt and lost…and “God is back! Looking to the needs of His people! (Luke 7:16-17 MSG)” 


I am reminded of when Nehemiah was instructed to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. The man had no idea what to do, was probably confused as to why they chose him, and probably told himself “there is no way this is possible with just me!” God had other plans. 

I am reminded of Peter…the man who denied Jesus not once…not twice, but THREE times! I mean, come on now, Jesus! Pick somebody else like Matthew, John, or even Mary for crying out loud! Not Peter! The man denied your very existence in his own life! (You get the picture…) Jesus told Peter that He would build His church on Peter. I’m sure Peter was feeling a little unworthy at this point. After all, he did just deny the Savior of all the world not once…not twice, but THREE times! Jesus chose Peter simply because Jesus wanted to make the point to His people that no matter what you do, God has still chosen you….me….us….for GREATER things! 

Just like Tuscaloosa, every life needs a death before rebuilding. The greatest funeral you can perform is the death of self. The death of pride…arrogance…ungodly thought life…ungodly lifestyle…the list can go on and on. 

Just like Tuscaloosa, it will never be the same, but I believe that’s a message that God wants to send His people: He never wants you to stay the same. Greater things are yet to come! Greater things are still to be done! 

What is it that needs to be put to death in your life? Put it to death and allow God to rebuild your life the way He created it to be!