Since most of you have already made your minds up…

Since most of you have already made your minds up about me I’ll interject some more negativity and you won’t like it.

I looked for the Israeli flag in the parade of flags and when I saw it I was absolutely heart broken. The flag of Israel was trailing behind an arabic-dressed man and his flag. I did not recognize the flag but the dress of the arab was sufficient. The two should have had some distance between them.

The Church does not have an outreach to Jews but to arabs on the borders of Israel and in the arabic regions of Jerusalem.

Our missionaries who are well known there despise the Israelis. The missionary standing in the door is protecting arabs against the Zionist soldiers by standing in her doorway blocking them.
They refuse to acknowledge Islamic Arab radicals and cover for them.

Israel deserves the respect of the Church of God with out the anti-Zionism. It was displayed tonight and for that I am ashamed of the COG lack of shame.

It was displayed at the last #GA14 and will not stop.

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