Some numbers that I researched today showed that FaceBook now…

Some numbers that I researched today showed that FaceBook now has 17,048 full time employees and this company has only been going about 20 years. I then looked up the number of licensed and ordained ministers in the Church of God and they numbered 4877, thus FB has nearly four times as many full time employees as the COG has clergy and of course most of the 4877 are receiving less in pay than a modern standard of living calls for.
In addition the key executives of FB take in over 80 million in compensation. I would estimate that all the AB’s and all the executives in the COG take in far less. I know that I am not comparing apples to apples but yet there is something to be learned here.
At one time FB was running on ” fumes” and they put their best minds on how to ” monetize ” and boy did they find a formula for bringing in the money. I have spent lots of money promoting my three businesses on FB and find it the best place to put advertising money.
While still G.O. Mark Williams put out a notice for all pastors to be more creative in ways to raise funds to support the work of the gospel. For too long they have relied on old concepts of money raising. It’s time to let the Holy Ghost lead into the new!

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