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10 thoughts on “Somebody enlighten me between bowls and seals

  1. Billy Blazier says:

    Seals are knowledge, they are to be sealed in your mind so that you will know the chronological order of events that will transpire so you are not deceived.
    Bowls are the wrath of God poured out at different times for different reasons.

  2. Stephen Steve Ramdhani says:

    The first 5 seals occur in the first half of the week. The 6th seal day of the Lord occurs in the midst. The 7th seal consists of 7 trumpet judgments, and the 7th trumpet consists of 7 vial deadly plagues.

  3. Charles 'Richard' Miller says:

    It all leads up to the 7 bowls/7 plagues being pour out on the earth. After the 6th plague, then the rapture, then the 7 plague of hail stones will kill and destroy all that’s on earth (after the rapture). Rev 16:15

  4. Charles 'Richard' Miller says:

    nd the 7 bowls are the 7 plagues pour out on the earth because they would not repent. Trampled on the Father’s Way, Truths, Laws… LOVE!

  5. Charles 'Richard' Miller says:

    After the 6th Bowl, then the rapture. Rev 16:15, then the 7th plague will destroy everything and kill all who is left alive on earth by the hail stones.

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