Jesus confirmed the covenant with many for one week until…

Jesus confirmed the covenant with many for one week until the vision and prophecy was fulfilled in Acts 10.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus confirmed the covenant with many for one week until…

  1. Anil Wadhwani says:

    Preterism and Luke 21

    For those of you that do not know what Preterism is, many preterists claim most or all the judgments of the seals and trumpet and bowl judgments occurred in 70 A.D. when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the 2nd temple was burned down. If you have read the posts on this site, you will see this site teaches Luke 21 was given at a different time than Matthew 24. Luke 21 answered the question asked at the temple site about the 2nd temple being destroyed.

    What this site is saying is Luke 21 has a gap in time of about 2000 years and Matthew 24 is all future. That means preterists have to account for Luke 21 24-28 and the times of the gentiles ending in 70 AD with the 2nd coming. What this site is saying is the times of the gentiles will end in the future and the 2nd coming will occur in the future with Luke 21 24-28.

    We are Christians believe Moses turned the river into blood. And Elijah the prophet spoke and it stopped the rains when he spoke judgment. At no time in 70 A.D. did 2 prophets appear and turn waters into blood and stop the rain. Rev chapter 11 is future. No where is it recorded in 70 AD that these 2 prophets appeared. And they were not killed with their dead bodies on display in Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days. And there never was a resurrection with them going to heaven in the sight of many people. And within an hour an earthquake occurred and killed 7000 in Jerusalem. And the remaining people of Jerusalem were terrified and gave glory to God in heaven. And all this happened and it never got recorded? Rev 11 2 is a future 3rd temple in Jerusalem. And an event will occur at that temple in the future and from that event the gentiles will trample Jerusalem and after those 42 months, the times of the gentiles will end. And the world will see the 2nd coming.

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