i'm all about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit...

now, how does this apply to my reality? i am concerned we have become so materialistic that the spiritual is so far away. we create our own designer gods and idols... 'american idol,' HA! the only difference is we want to be these idols... we are so far away from a genuine spirituality. some people are even looking to empty hinduism, buddhism and new age for their spiritual horizons. it's fine, if that's the way you want to go, go. no one's stopping you. but i have an experience with the Holy Spirit that dramatically altered my life. the Spirit is here, there, everywhere. the Spirit deconstructed me so i could be reconstructed in a fashion that honors God...

this is dimension of life is available to people who seek the Truth... i am a seeker, i found it. as messed up as this world is, there is Truth out there, a multifaceted, multidimensional vision that i embraced and you can embrace, and it can embrace you, no matter how far you may be, or how messed up life seems, or how different you may be.

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