yo, what's up? so i'm in the process of settling into va beach. things are interesting to say the least. dealing with people is a difficult thing. it is not often one sees the ugly side of people, but it comes out, like a banshee at times, it comes out. attitudes rear their ugly heads and egos take over, people are so ugly. have you ever seen that side of people? even in the most unexpected places, like dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, it comes out. the sweetest and most innocent lady can become a behemoth. the sweetest man can ravage your soul. the innocent little kid swears and curses you out. it's there. it's in you too. will it come out or stay hidden? slay the dragon, slay the vicious animal within you.

so, what else is new? it is a new day, a new era, a new year. enjoy it, cherish it, love it. we are in this struggle together. don't show your ugly side, no matter how much it hurts.... i've seen people renounce their faith because a fellow brother or sister treated them... on the other hand, i've seen souls reconciled because of a turning of the cheek.

i guess that is what it means to be crucified. to slay your own ugly, rotten, angry, fierce self, and let the Holy Spirit enter in and transform and burn away the chaff.