The KJV Only Battle Rages On

The following was written on a messaging board that I use at times and I thought was worth posting here for my readers to check out. I contacted the man who uses the pen name "Lord Chancellor" and he graciously granted me permission to use his post here. The post is entirely his, with the few exceptions where I have added a comment, which will be in red.

A man who attends our church whom I love and respect very much, invited me to attend a "Bible Conference" at an Independent Baptist Church in another town. I know he prefers the KJV of the Bible and the first time I ever met him, he asked me "Are you a King-James-Only Christian?" I promptly and honestly replied that I wasn't- that I was simply a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. He is also a very talented and skilled general contractor who built the church we attended, tonight. I knew he was particularly proud of his work (which is fine with me - like I said, he's very talented). So, I knew part of asking me to attend was so he could show me the church. I also felt pretty sure that this might be a KJV-only rally, although he didn't say much about it, and knowing he also probably wanted to show me the church he built, I agreed to go with him.

Anyway, I was right. It was a "celebration" of the 400th "Anniversary" of the King James Bible (or, the "perfect Bible" as it was commonly referred to throughout the service).

This "Bible Conference" is to last all week and each night will feature a different speaker.

Tonight, a young man spoke twice during the service (one message on the history of the KJV Bible and another sermon on the KJV itself, after a 10 minute intermission).

I thought I'd share with you what I "learned" from the speaker, tonight, at the 400th Anniversary of the Authorized, Inspired, Perfect King James Version of the Bible.

1. Those of us who use and read "cheap imitations" of God's Word are "Sodomizers " and we have lots in common with "Sodomizers." (I would like to know, even if you are a KJV only person, how do you make the leap to call someone who uses any other version a "Sodomizer"?  That is an incredible leap; is it not?

2. At the end of this week, if we have attended the services and heard the speakers, we will be forced ("if you are an honest person") to make a choice between the true Word of God and cheap, Satanic imitations. (I would be fearful of calling all other translations "Satanic." What, pray tell did people do prior to 1611? What about people who do not speak English?

3. Salvation can only come through the King James Version of the Bible. (I thought Salvation came through the blood of Jesus.)

4. The KJV has never changed since it's creation (that was news to me). (Suffice it to say at this moment that it has in fact changed/been revised more than once. I may add another blog about this later. The original 1611 had some serious errors in it which totally refutes the moniker of "the perfected Word" which they claim.

5. Psalm 12:6-7 is a direct reference by King David to the King James Version of the Bible- made, what, 3000 years, ago?

6. The original manuscripts were not inspired since they no longer exist, and any argument made that it is the original writings of the Bible authors that is inspired and not the KJV is false. That is one of the stupidest thing I have ever heard!

7. Scholarship and academia are of the devil. Yet many of the people who I personally know who embrace KJV only are teachers, college professors and in school administration. Sorry, you cannot call education evil when it comes to our Christian beliefs, but not in the secular world.

8. It doesn't matter what the original languages of Scripture said, we have it in English, and that's all that matters and all that we should believe. (You've got to be kidding me!) It also doesn't matter what Greek and Hebrew scholars said passages mean. Again, we have it in English (all this after spending 10 minutes giving the qualifications of the KJV translators, including their expertise in the original languages that qualified them as infallible expert translators).

9. The KJV underwent 15 reviews before it's publication- a feat to which no new translation even comes (more news to me).

10. Those of us who use and read those cheap imitations of God's Word simply didn't have any faith that God could preserve His Word. As opposed to those who do not have faith that God could preserve the integrity of His Word through different translations, generations, and languages?

Anyway, I thought all of you guys who use and read those cheap imitations of God's Word (a.k.a. the ESV, NASB, NKJV, NLT, NRSV, etc., and especially the NIV) would like to know that you're going to hell.

I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain that even in the KJV it is clear that we're justified by faith, alone.

During the intermission, I couldn't help but pick up my English Standard Version Bible and read about how Israel worshipped the bronze serpent.