Is April the best month for sports fans?

I heard this idea proposed on an ESPN extra point last year and I absolutely agree. April is the best month of the year for sports fans.

The month kicks off with the final round of the March Madness tournament and the NCAA National Championship game (of course, followed by the Women's National Championship game). The same week is typically opening day for Major League Baseball (discounting the random trip to Japan!).

The second weekend of April features The Masters at Augusta. What better way to kick off the spring than this historic golf tournament!

The NBA and NHL seasons come to a close and playoffs begin. Then, there is the year round sport of football.

NCAA teams kick off spring practice and their intrasquad games. The NFL releases the upcoming schedule (which happens to be tomorrow!) and ends the month with the most exciting draft in sports!

Throw in a Nascar Race, UFC fight, and other random event, and April is the #1 month for sports!