The Stephens arrive tomorrow!

The Stephens arrive tomorrow!

Brent, Sarah, James David and Abby Stephens arrive officially tomorrow to begin their tenure as Louisiana Youth & CE Directors. We are looking forward to welcoming them and working with them for the coming years.

My mom had eye surgery today and all reports are good. Dad says she is now able to see how incredible good looking he has always been. Remains to be seen what surgery can do to one's eyes!

Kathy has finished her cohort at Southeastern this week and boy is she she is launching a new ministry called Meara(?) or something that means women will be staying overnight at my house while I'm in Honduras next week.

Speaking of Honduras, Dad and I will meet Pastor Bryan Strickland and Pastor Jim Milligan in San Pedro Sula, Honduras next week to prepare for our October missions trip. There we will meet the two pastors and their families whose houses we plan to build.

Jason and Andrea, my two youngest children (well, she actually started with her mom and dad) are buying their first home this month. They are so happy in Louisville, they've decided to purchase a used home near their church. Andrea is nearing the educational finish line, so perhaps more grandchildren are coming???? and the work at River City seems to be getting more interesting every day. Kathy and I are so proud of them.
Cooper has not seen me in two weeks and I'm getting the vibe that he is not happy but Mom and Dad have been so busy they have not been able to meet me...perhaps when I return from Honduras??? Get the hint, Jeremy?

Taking 3 classes this semester (Preaching II, Romans and Galatians and Urban Ministries), finishing a book project for our state "What Our Storms Teach Us?" and with my election to the Council of 18 for our church, my fall is getting crowded...oh well...what's new?

Much love!