World Missions Remembers Pastors in Latin America

With heartfelt sadness, World Missions announces the passing of several of our pastors from Latin America … a far too great a number.

The Church of God in Paraguay has a great sense of loss in the death of Pastor Aner Veron, who was a pastor, teacher, district overseer, regional overseer, pioneer, visionary, and tireless worker. He planted many churches and was a mentor to many leaders and pastors. Veron’s life had the mark of service and his legacy left deep traces. Our prayer over the entire family: “Well done, faithful servant; enter into the joy of your Lord”.

Pastor Ivan Lopes from COGB Boa Vista, Belo Horizonte, died in the fight against Covid-19. We ask God to comfort his family, church, and friends.

Pastor Joel Alves Miranda, who served COGB in the city of João Dourado (BA), was facing many health difficulties and passed away. Would you please join us in solidarity with this loss to the family, church, and friends, asking God to console and comfort everyone’s heart? We are grateful to God for the life and ministry of Pastor Joel.

Pastor Melchior Neves Vaz, assistant minister at COGB Central de Trindade (GO), passed away on Tuesday, March 30th, a victim of complications of COVID-19. We pray for God’s comfort and consolation for his wife, Pastor Ivonilda, his children, his family members, as well as the church and friends.

Sister Maria Gomes, Pastor Valdeci Quirino Rodrigues’ wife, passed away on March 19th. We ask God tocomfort Pastor Valdeci, his children, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, and all the extended family members. On behalf of the COGB, we thank God for this sister’s life, her dedication to Him and to the COGB in which she served alongside her husband.

World Missions General Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Assistant Director M. Thomas Propes unite with Latin America Field Director Dr. Angel Marcial in expressing their sorrow for the loss of these great leaders in the Kingdom of God. The thoughts and prayers of the International Church of God around the world are with their families.