This Is What I See God Doing

I don't know about you but, this is what I see God doing at CWS:

I see ... a fellowship hall with laughter, worship, & united in prayer.

I see ... a sanctuary full of people with standing room only.

I see ... overflow parking lots opened and jam packed.

I see ... a main road traveled by many on foot to get to church.

I see ... lives we know and strangers usually not seen in a church.

I see ... broken and hurting lives shedding tears of pain, hurt, and joy.

I see ... lives give their heart to the Lord.

I see ... people being set free by His grace, Word, and power.

I see ... lives living out love. 

I see ... families connecting to the church.

I see ... a church that is about to burst at the seams.  ENLARGE!

I see ... a weekend of fellowship, building relationships, prayer, hard work, reaching into the community, and a celebration of epic proportions.

I see ... this not just for "Easter" weekend but every time we gather.
Enjoy The Ride,