Tony Morgan- Stuck In A Funk


Where do I start? As always, Tony delivers a great tool he just happens to call a book. I love how each chapter is short and powerful. You can pick it up again and again and flip to where you are having problems and find some great insight. For instance, in Part 1 Chapter 5 Tony deals with structure problems. I found it very helpful because I’m planting two campuses right now and growth is taking place. We are looking to add more structure but it needs to be the right structure.

Tony says this, “The more structures we have to navigate in order to do our work, the more difficult it is to do our best work. When we are required to resolve the dissonance of complex systems, reporting relationships, and accountability structures just in order to get our objectives and check off our direction, we will begin to lose our drive to do brilliant work. Over time,this complexity only pulls entire organizations toward systematic mediocrity.”

I don’t want to end up with systematic mediocrity. Thanks Tony for always keeping it real and giving great advice that you have gained over the years. Thanks for another great book.

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