Missionary Gary Hull is overseer and general manager of the Voice of Hope radio station in the Middle East. He recently shared the following testimony from a former Muslim woman:

“I am a young lady from a village in Galilee. When I was 8 years old, I had a dream about Jesus where he was telling me He is the Lord. Later, I saw the hand of God at work and He sent me to a person who helped explain to me what I was experiencing. This person was employed at the Voice of Hope Radio. I wanted to know more about Jesus and to know who He is. I had another dream where I was in church and a man behind me started to pat me on the shoulder and held my hand. He said he was God. His face was shining so much I couldn’t see Him, just the outline of His body. He said, ‘Come unto Me all you who labor and are heavily burdened and I will give you rest.’

“I had this dream several times—I did not realize the words were a verse in the Bible. One day, someone in my family got sick and was dying. I challenged Jesus and said, ‘If this person dies within one hour like the doctor says, then you are not the real God. But, if he gets well within a day or two, then I will know that you are the Lord.’ This person lived, even though the doctors said he would die!

“After reading the Bible a lot, I realized my decision to believe in Jesus was right. I baptized my children at home. Faith in Jesus brought peace and comfort into my life, even in difficult times.

“I want to thank the staff of the Voice of Hope Radio for their great effort and the encouraging message they share. My advice, as a person who was raised in Islam, is this: Don’t let traditions control your choice of faith, but let your heart make the choice!”


Project # 102-4003