Logical Arguments for (Christian) God The Universe is not eternal….

Logical Arguments for (Christian) God The Universe is not eternal….

Logical Arguments for (Christian) God

The Universe is not eternal.
How do we know God is eternal? Nothing material contingent and moving can be eternal.

Something must exist. Unless you deny everything. Even a crazy person must admit, you need a doubter, and something must exist, to doubt something.
Can something come out of nothing? Never. Unless is coming from God.
God is the only being capable of creating something from nothing because of it’s infinite wisdom and knowledge.
He is the First Cause of everything the Unmoved Mover.

Only one eternal infinite uncaused being can logically exist!
Therefore the universe cannot be an eternal being.
– Nothing material (moving) can exist without a Cause.

P1. Something undeniable exists
P2. We cannot have an infinite regress of current causes of existence
P3. Whatever has the possibility of non existence is caused by another
P4. We cannot have an infinite regress of current causes of existence .

At least one uncaused Cause must exist to avoid the infinite regress. The Effect cannot be the Cause.
No amount of effect can create a Cause

Conclusion: An Uncaused Cause must exist (cannot be self caused). He is infinite, unchanging all knowing, all powerful , all perfect. Also, non spatial, non temporal …

Is the existence of God, necessary, possible, or impossible?
A necessary being must be uncaused. God’s existence It’s necessary, because God cannot change; it’s a-spatial and a-temporal.
⁃ Impossible beings cannot have potentiality or actuality.
⁃ Only a caused being passes from potentially to actuality
– A spatial and temporal being or matter, always changes until it dies
– Whatever has the potentiality to exists, must be caused.

Therefore, The universe has an external Cause, a beginning and an end (heat death), is material spatial and temporal.

If the universe is it’s (internal) cause a mutual Causality must exists. Therefore, the universe cannot be eternal. Nothing material can be eternal, and unchanged at the same time.

We can use reasoning to establish truth and the existence of God and Jesus . Nature cannot be divine.
The universe cannot be self created and self sufficient. In universe we observe a succession of causes. The table of elements shows us a succession, a chain of events.
Matter doesn’t exclude the existence of an eternal cause, God.
If Eternal God didn’t exists, then nothing existed before Him.
And nothing could possibly can exists, because nothing cannot create anything, including the universe; because, the universe has a beginning an and will end in eternal dark age and a heat death.

If God doesn’t exists, the infinite regress must be possible, and we will never arrive to the present.


Classical argument for God from Aristotle and Aquinas !!! Good

Law of Causality:
Every effect has a cause
Everything that begins has a cause
Everything that changes has a cause
Everything that is finite has a cause
Everything that is limited has a cause

The universe is an Effect had a beginning, is changing, is finite and limited.

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