Welcome Muslims who want to be part of this group…

Welcome Muslims who want to be part of this group in hopes of them seeing the light of the gospel here.

Answer whatever question they might have in love and always remember to quote the relevant scriptures for each question..always back what you say with scripture.

Refrain from insulting their religions or beliefs..just show them Jesus, that is all they need. Allow me to elaborate on this.. Earlier on a Muslim guy posed a question and a fellow group member started his reply by bashing Islam..though everything our fellow member said in response to the question asked was scriptural and correct, I do not think the Islam guy took it in because clearly his judgement was clouded by offence..at that moment, he was probably moved to defend his religion instead of paying attention to what really mattered in that reply, which was scripture based truth…

Let’s be more respectful, more loving and sensitive to those who are not of our faith..I am not saying we should approve of their beliefs or agree with what they stand on..

Bashing unbelievers and insulting their religions will only fill them up with offence, if we do this, they will not be able to receive our teachings with meekness..

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