What Happens When You Find It

Have you ever misplaced or lost something?  Have you ever had that "oh no" feeling? Have you ever had to stop thinking about your next step and try to remember your last steps?  The keys, credit card, wallet, or these days more important than those might be our smart phones.

Psalms 112 is a song of 10 verses with no author mentioned or even context given for the inspiration to this psalm.  However it calls out in its first verse itself a statement that might make us scratch our heads.  (Read Psalms 112)  If you fear someone, you are blessed?  If you are delightfully obedient to someone's commands, you are blessed?  That is what verse one reminds us.  The "someone" is not just a random "someone", but the Lord God Himself.

Verses 2-9 list all the miraculous and gracious things God is ready, willing, and able to do for you and I if we find delight in His commands and fear Him out of reverence and honor.
  • Your generations will be blessed! That means your kids and grandkids. 
  • Your integrity and character will endure. Wealth and riches (not just financially) are in your home.  
  • Your life will be lit up by His presence, love, and power.  Even when in the dark days of life and darkness has hit all around you, He will shine a light on your life and bless you. 
  • Your generosity and consistency will be reciprocated by God.  God wants to reciprocate on your generosity.  He's looking to bless you even more if you are willing to be generous with what He has blessed you.  Worship Him in your giving to the house of God, to those less fortunate, find a missionary to support, bless someone randomly in your daily life. 
  • Your trust in the Lord must be unshakable. Bad news will find you, but that will not shake you because you trust in the Lord. 
  • Your heart will not be troubled because the God of Angel Armies is on your side.  Your enemies will look to see your demise, but you always stand tall with God on your side. 
  • You will be a conduit of blessings. Find a way to give yourself away to others with the physical and spiritual gifts God has invested in your life.  For that you will be honored by God and maybe He could do it in front of man. 
I believe the author of this Psalm is anonymous because this is my song and your song.  I believe there is no context given to this Psalm because its for this moment of your life and my life right now.  That joy or even relief when we find that item we misplaced or thought we lost is probably indescribable.  There's a freedom in a resolution to that unanswered dilemma of "where could it be? or what if someone found it and didn't tell me?"

If God is capable, desiring, and excited to do all this and more for you, what keeps us from simply delighting in His Word and living to honor Him in all the ways of our life.  You are blessed if you fear God.  You are blessed if you delight in His commands.

Enjoy The Ride,

Pastor Cee