What has this lockdown taught you so far? What God…

What has this lockdown taught you so far?
What God has taught you so far? ⁣

Aside from that, I believe God wants to get all our attention. He wants to change our hearts. He wants us to grow from this– to grow our relationship with Him, and also to grow our

He doesn’t want us to go back to normal. He wants us changed and restored.⁣

With all the noises and reactions around us, I believe God is searching for people who will respond.⁣

The question before us is not how will we react to this but how will we respond to this.⁣

I know it’s painful. I know it’s scary. I know that it’s probably going to get a little worse but could it be that He’s trusting us with this moment?⁣

We are in the middle of a global pandemic. This is serious. People are dying. Millions of families are hungry right now. We, as
believers of Christ, must be the spiritual frontliners for such a time as this.⁣

This too shall pass. God is faithfully doing His part and He’s also trusting us to do ours.⁣

This is not the time to play but to pray. Cry out for God. This is all happening for a divine reason. Let’s trust Him.⁣

We will get through this. We will grow from this.⁣

After this, my prayer is that we will be celebrated as a generation who makes His
presence a priority.

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