What have YOU done with God??

What have YOU done with God??



May I borrow from Pres. JFK??

Don’t ask what God can do for you… ask WHAT CAN I DO for GOD? ..LIKEWISE.. Don’t ask What can the church do FOR ME? instead, ask WHAT can I do for THE CHURCH? Besides you are the Church, the Church is God’s people, God’s Children, the Bride of Christ, why wouldn’t we want to do something for such a special, chosen ones?

I was sitting in church and listening to my Pastor preach a fire-stomping sermon last week and then this week turns to the Mercy of God. WOW!!! I have read this BIBLE, God’s Holy Word many many times, but these last few weeks the scriptures have become alive to me, in me, and God has opened doors for me to minister through-out the week and in my own family. The realization comes when it’s no longer ~THEM~ but US!

We are the church, I AM the church.. and I am going to stand up for what is right! I am tired of playing politics in the church, I am tired of making others feel like it’s the devil’s fault when we, sitting in the pews are allowing the devil to work through us, work in us and back bite, back stab and then twist the knife while it is in the backs of our (fellow brothers and sisters). I know I’m not righteous and neither is the one needling the crap out of the Pastor and the rest of the leadership in various churches. (This is not ONLY about the church I attend, but many ones out there)

Woe be unto the Pastors and Leadership that is needling the laity, causing strive among the brethren, sowing discord among the faithful and showing out on the PLATFORM!!!  God turn our hearts, create in US a clean heart and renew a right spirit within ALL of US! We need God’s Grace and God’s Mercy more and more everyday. I am NOT perfect, nor to I claim to be, but that doesn’t keep me from striving to reach that mountain top of His acceptance.