What I have been shown so far from being on…

What I have been shown so far from being on this group is the lack of knowledge people have around scripture and their complete disregard for it.

Also how people have put their faith and belief in their own created view of who God is based on their own human logic.

For those on this group who have many questions and are seeking Him sincerely, for those who are simply curious, and even for those who do not believe and are here to criticize have an excuse, since they do not know God.

For those of us who do know Him should know better.

Now, what I have also discovered is how much I lack in my knowledge around certain parts of scripture which I will admit, and I plan on studying in more detail.

We all, including myself, need to review how we think and view God especially if we are doing so without referring to scripture.

We will never know everything about God, we will never get it all right, but we should certainly use every source available to us to know Him better, more specifically His word.

It is dangerous to assume who God is without referring to scripture and I’m sure we can understand why that is.

If not, I’m sure there are plenty of people on this group who are strong in their understanding of God’s word, and in their faith with Him who can explain this better than myself.

I hope we all seek God with all our hearts through prayer, the reading of His word, and through the council of the church.

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