Where God Can Blow Your Mind!

Recently during my quiet time, I have thought about Shabbach Masters Commission slogan, “Where God can blow your mind!” While thinking about that phrase I pictured what this year at Masters is going to be like.  I began to think about what I want to get out of this year, what I want God to do me, and how I want God to just blow my mind out of the waters. 

Have you ever seen a 5 year old getting ready to start kindergarden and how he has so much excitement and has big dreams and expectancy for his first year of school? I’m that 5 year old getting ready to start my second year of Masters Commission. I have realized lately that everything you do and decisions you make will either move you forward or set you back to reaching what & where God has for you. So as I walk into Shabbach MC 2013, I enter with a mindset that everything that I am handed to do, is going to prepare me for the mission field. Everything that is being poured into me needs to be soaked up like a sponge and applied to my daily lifestyle. 

Every decision I make needs to be thought of in the way of “is this going to benefit me or set me back in the long run.” In order for me to gain anything from this year, I need to take it in myself. You can have someone pour and pour into you but if you never stretch out your hand and grab it, you will never receive what they are saying to you. This year I am entering into a year where i want EVERYTHING that is being poured into me, and I want to run with it. I want to allow what’s being poured into me to advance me to much greater things that God has in store for me.