Which One Are You?

One day an ox said to a mule, 'Let's pretend to be sick.' The mule said, 'No, we need to get this work done.' The ox feigned illness, and the farmer brought him fresh hay. 
When the mule came in from plowing, the ox asked how things went and the mule said, 'All right.' The ox asked, 'What did the farmer say about me?' The mule replied, 'Nothing.' The next day the ox pretended to be ill again. When the mule came home the ox asked, 'How did it go?' The mule said, 'All right.'
After a week of this, the ox asked, 'Did the farmer say anything about me today?'
The mule replied, 'Well, he said nothing to me personally, but I overheard him talking to his wife that you obviously were not capable or needed any more and he told her to call the butcher!' 
Understand this: you were born to fulfill a divine purpose. When you don't, there are consequences, both here and in eternity.

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