Lee For Haiti

LeeUniversity has chosen the rebuilding of the La Saline Church of God in Port AuPrince, Haiti, for the 2011-2012 missions Week Project. Not only are Leestudents, faculty, and staff already at work, but an invitation has beenextended to local churches to join with them.

LeeMissions Week is named the “Dee Lavender Missions Week” in honor of Dee, a 22year old Lee student who, while spending her summer on a missions internship inPanama, Central America, became sick and died. Her words to her parents, “Iknow I’m where God wants me to be,” still motivate us to fulfill the GreatCommission calling on our own lives.

TheLa Saline Church is in a strategic location in Port Au Prince. It is on ahighly traveled road across from where big-rig trucks load shipping containersto distribute goods all through Haiti. La Saline is also just down from thegigantic City Market. In addition, this church was the first project for Churchof God World Missions. In 1951, the 6th Ave. Church of God in LenoirCity, TN, donated the monies used to building the first building for this keychurch.

“Leefor Haiti” means rebuilding the vital educational facilities of the church aswell. La Saline provides a quality education for both necessary academic andspiritual equipping, and also for job training. This qualifies Haitian youth tobe able to find work that will sustain them and their families. In a countrywith 90 percent unemployment, trained and willing workers who love Christ willhave an impact on the country.

Perhapsyour heart still contains a vision to help change Haiti. Much work is underwayand the Church of God congregations are working hard to rebuild and restoretheir ability to influence communities. (Make preceding sentence a link toHaiti Update 2011 https://www.cogwm.org/index.php?option=com_online_donate&task=addOnlineDonate&projectID=102-9190&Itemid=467)If so, please donate to Lee for Haiti through secure online giving (Project 102-9190);or call 800 345-7492. Your gift, given by March 2012, will be matched by theLazarus Foundation, a partner with Lee University in changing the lives ofchildren and youth.

Youtoo can join with Lee University to change Haiti. Now, it’s up to you!

ByGrady Murphy