Why I Love The Rain

Everyone wants the sunshine.
“Oh, what a beautiful day,” they say,
as they pass by on the sidewalk
heading to the park
or a baseball game.
“Isn’t this the best weather?”
they ask,
unaware that there is –
standing beside them –
one who despises the very weather
they so adore.

“Well, really…” I begin to say,
“I wish it was raining.”
The air suddenly becomes tense,
and a look of absolute horror
lights upon their face.

I guess some people just don’t understand.
When the rain comes, I stand out in it.
I open my eyes and arms
and embrace the powerful drops
of refreshing peace
as they flood over me.
I feel like a new man – a new creation.

That’s why I love the rain.
This poem © Kevin Walker. Published September 2013.

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