Council of 18

Posted on August 6, 2008 by travjohnson
So far, the Ordained Bishops have elected five men (4 are pastors/not under appointment by the EC):
— Bryan Cutshall
— Loran Livingstone
— Bill Isaacs
— Tony Scott
— David Cooper
Today will be interesting. Id like to say that well hit the mark of 13 pastors/Ordained Bishops who are not under direct appointment by the EC that wed like but, theres no way to know. Our state overseers have such familiar names and there was a significant jump among some of the really wonderful men that serve in that position in the second round of voting. So, well just have to wait and see what happens.
Presently, we have reduced the list to the top 65 names. I made a motion to identify pastors on the list after one or two others asked that pastors be identified. It was seconded. The moderator overruled that motion. I appealed from the decision of the chair. The appeal failed.
A note about that:
— Managing your tone is hard work when your heart is pounding in your neck. I could have been talking to Santa Claus and I would have had a hard time measuring my tone. My hat goes off to Brother McGuire for being able to keep a measured voice as he moves through the meeting.
Some other notable highlights are that:
— it looks like Jentzen Franklin will be going on the Council of 18.
— The challenge of identifying pastors and, especially international pastors is significant.
— One international pastor who is showing well is the former homeless drunk, Nick Park.
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