Fewness of Man’s Earthly Days Text Job 14:1 Man that…

Fewness of Man’s Earthly Days

Job 14:1 Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble.

It saddens God and Godly men that humans devote about 99% of all he has to his body and Earthly things, which has a few span, and about 1% to his soul and Eternity issues, which has everlasting span

Here comes the ultimate calculation of Man’s earthly days, to show us that it countable to the last

The highest average number of years that man has gotten to is one hundred and twenty years

120yrs has one thousand four hundred and forty months

120yrs has six thousand two hundred and forty weeks
,6,240 weeks

120yrs has forty three thousand eight hundred and thirty days, taking note of all the leap years inside
43,830 days

120yrs has one million, fifty one thousand, nine hundred and twenty hours
1,051,920 hours

120yrs has sixty three million, one hundred and fifteen thousand, two hundred
63,115,200 minutes

120yrs has three billion, seven hundred and eighty six million, nine hundred and twelve thousand seconds
3,786,912,000 seconds

We can now see that the earthly days of man is countable, even to the last. We shall do an overview of eternity time subsequently. But for now, l urge us to redirect our energy

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