How/Why does God exist? I propose, what I call, the…

How/Why does God exist?

I propose, what I call, the “Somethingness/Nothingness Dilemma.”

Why is there something rather than nothing? Easy. Try to imagine pure, absolute nothingness. Alright stop. ? Just by beginning to imagine it, you’ve already failed. The only way to imagine nothingness is to not imagine anything at all. Nothingness is Not blackness. Not whiteness. Not translucence. Nothingness cannot be define or described, it lacks existence, and it lacks “it”-ness. In other words, there is no such thing as a Nothing. Because nothing is not a thing. Nothingness doesn’t exist. Can’t exist. The idea of a Nothingness is the absence of existence. So what CAN exist instead? Somethingness, by nature, has no choice but to exist because Nothingness can’t. Nothingness can’t “exist” because that’s a logical contradiction. So Somethingness exists by default. Existence itself exists by default.
Is our universe the Default Somethingness? No. And why not? Because our universe is very specifically ordered and limited. The ‘Default Somethingness’ would not be specifically ordered or limited. It exists as the ultimate, polar opposite of Nothingness. In fact, the polar opposite of Nothingness would be Everythingness. Or Anythingness. Eternally infinite. Our universe is neither eternal, nor infinite. Science has shown us this. It had a starting point. It recycles energy. Some thing exists as the eternally infinite Default Somethingness, and we ain’t it.
This Default Somethingness is the ultimate reality. Never being created. Never having a start. Timeless. Existing purely by necessity of its own nature. Everything that comes into being is a product of it.
Why is this Somethingness a mind with consciousness? Idk. I’m still working on that part. But, it’s obvious that it is, because everything that comes from it is structured with purpose. So decisions are being made by this Somethingness. It has a personality. It is a person. And I don’t get why. But it is. He is. God is real. And He exists because Nothing can’t.


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