A Call to be Deliverers | Jacqui Smith

A Call to be Deliverers | Jacqui Smith

Join us live as Dr. B continue his series on “God Getting You Ready for What He Has Ready for You”. If you enjoy the message we put out, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Omega Center International is an Evangelical convention center in Cleveland, TN. Make sure to watch our live streams Tuesdays at 6:30 PM. Follow us on Facebook at Omega Center International for more information. If you would... »

Please Don’t Call Wade Burleson A Calvinist. . .

Please Don’t Call Me a Calvinist, But . . .“The following is a reprint of an article written by Wade Burleson, published in the Oklahoma Baptist Messenger in the June 1, 1995 issue,” thirteen years ago. I e-mailed Wade and ask him for permission to dissect his Calvinism and post it to my blog. He graciously permitted me. This is not the result of any problems between us but a dis... »

A Call To Apathy!

February 22, 2009 A Call To Apathy! I’ve often wondered if the Holy Spirit works in a large Church like Bellevue Baptist with a famous pastor like Adrian Rogers. I have occasionally thought that perhaps the Holy Spirit has abandoned the Church and left them to their own man-centered devices. However the Holy Spirit is still working in strange and mysterious ways. He moves among the common me... »

They call Satan their “Bae”? :: By Candy Austin

Definition of Bae: A person’s boyfriend or girlfriend; an acronym that stands for “before anyone else” or a shortened version of baby or babe. Hey Celebs, just for the record and for what it’s worth… Satan is NOT your friend, much less your “Bae”! In fact, Satan is the enemy of every person/soul who has […] The post They call Satan their “Bae”? :: By Candy Austin appeared first on Rapture Ready. »