It’s Been A Great Ride … Thank You!

Over five years ago, God orchestrated a shift in my "career" and life.  I believe it was based on a decision made 8 years ago.  When you commit to Him, He will lead you in a path that only He knows whats coming down the road.

I came in for the interview in a pin-striped suit and tie and that was the last time I wore that to work.  Pastor Steve and the leadership gave an opportunity for me to come on staff here at Bethlehem Assembly of God over 5 years ago.  God opened this door as a miracle for our family at that time.  Since then, this time, experience, relationships, and memories are lifetime miracles.  To you, I say, THANK YOU!

God placed me here on purpose to hopefully be a blessing to Bethlehem AG and prepare me for what lies ahead for our ministry life. I've been able to witness and glean knowledge, wisdom, insight, strategy, and courage to handle the: "what to, when to, where to, how to, why to, who to..." (and the NOT TO's) of church ministry from my time here. 

This time has truly been a preview for what lies ahead.  It's like when David got to walk thru the king's palace before his appointment.  I learned how a church with a clear vision, and a defined purpose, and a divine dream can serve, minister, grow, and operate.  To be honest, in the beginning, I wished how the churches I and my generation grew up in could watch and learn.  But as the years went by, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me, that He didn't bring me here to conduct "training sessions" but GO from here with what I have equipped you and lead by example for your generation & communities I will give you.  And over the years, He continues to orchestrate miracles after miracles in ministry. 

To all the pastors that I've had the privilege to work for and with, I say, THANK YOU!
To all the administration & ministry support staff, I've had the privilege to serve alongside, I say, THANK YOU!
To all the many ministry leaders, I've had the privilege to help, I say, THANK YOU!
To all the volunteers I've had the privilege to see bless the church, I say, THANK YOU!
To all the board members I've had the privilege to know, I say, THANK YOU!

The past 5 years of serving, working, and learning at Bethlehem Assembly of God has been truly amazing.  I believe and pray that the relationships from here will continue to grow, Bethlehem AG has greater days ahead, and together we will help lift up the name of Jesus higher!

Enjoyed This Ride,

Pastor Cee