Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Criminal Background Checks

XVI.      Ministerial Position Criminal Background Checks


In 2004, the Church of God mandated that “All applicants for the ministry, including those advancing in rank, must give consent to the state/regional office to conduct criminal background checks” (See S21 IV. 6., page 95—2016 Minutes). Since that time, background checks for all persons in certain categories, such as those working with children and youth, have become a required part of ministry qualification.

Given the accessibility, expectation, and prevalence of criminal background checks in today’s business and legal communities, it is deemed helpful and necessary to expand this concept to all persons placed, appointed, or hired in local church congregation positions. While this might create possible cost concerns for churches or individuals involved, the benefits of conducting such background checks far outweigh any factors otherwise.

We recommend:

That we amend page 108, S29. INSTRUCTIONS FOR MINISTERS, I. General Instructions for Ministers, by adding the following as item 11:

  1. Any person placed/appointed/hired for a ministry position in a local congregation of the Church of God should have a criminal background check.

17 comments on Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Criminal Background Checks

  1. It is reaching the point of obsurdity in order for ministry in a local Church. We are getting to the point of cost prohibitive measures in order to appoint volunteers. Yes, background checks are expensive regardless of what your reasoning is. Secondly, the Church is reaching the point of allowing statistical data to dictate its approach to volunteer ministry.

  2. We need to agree with leadership on this one. The world today is a dangerous place. The Church should take all measures to protect the children and cover all legal basis

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