Princeton Church Live Stream

Princeton Church Live Stream Welcome To Princeton Online! We have an online campus Pastor who would love to connect with you in the...
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Sunday Live!

Sunday Live! Thank you for joining us today for service! Our prayer is no matter where you may be watching from,...
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Pastor Jentezen Franklin Live at Free Chapel | 9am

Pastor Jentezen Franklin Live at Free Chapel | 9am Welcome To Church! To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit & subscribe to this channel:
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Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service Welcome to Westmore! Catch us LIVE every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. EST to experience a Westmore service including...
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Why Israel Cut the Power to Gaza | Perry Stone

Why Israel Cut the Power to Gaza | Perry Stone Stay tuned for the full-length teaching to be released on Tuesday, December 5, 2023! #perrystone #mannafest #shorts #prophecy Perry...
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Why and How God Desires Marriage for Himself :: By Dave Cogburn

In my book, God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity and the Universe Explained, I show that God’s ultimate goal is to...
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Prophecy Update: Unseen Realm…,

Update 8-24-22: Several weeks ago, I did a lengthy teaching on this topic of the Unseen Realm of Angels &...
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Lee University Online // Kendra Gray

Lee University Online // Kendra Gray
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Lee Day 2024 // Come Visit Us!

Lee Day 2024 // Come Visit Us! Lee Day: A Look into Life as a Lee University Student for Applicants, Prospective Students, and Parents Lee Day...
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Love Covers A Multitude Of Sin #shorts

Love Covers A Multitude Of Sin #shorts Love covers a multitude of sin! #sin #love #gospel
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This just in...

‘Pro-Choice’ Americans at Record Low 41 Percent

Score one for the pro-life movement in its various manifestations. It seems their pro-choice counterparts are losing some momentum among the American public. Only 41 percent of Americans identify them... »

Are Facebook, Apple and Google Censoring Christian Speech?

Social media and smartphones are changing the way people communicate—and consume—information. And there’s a clear bias against Christian speech. That’s why the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is... »

Prayer: the Key to Pentecostal Revival

Throughout the whole world, those who really love God and His Word are crying out to God for a mighty revival by the Holy Spirit. Every revival in history has been preceded by prayer and fasting, and ... »

Historical Society of Church of God Movements Holds Annual Meeting

Cleveland, Tenn.– The Historical Society of the Church of God met on the campus of Lee University on Thursday, May 24 for its 11th annual meeting. This year’s theme was music, with special focus on th... »

The Greatest of All Time..

In the world of doing things and doing things well, we are generally quick to label someone as the “best ever.” The reason that we are quick to do this is that our memory is either horribl... »

Muslim Landlord Evicts Jerusalem Church

Recently in Jerusalem–a city known for extreme conflict between Jews and Muslims–the Christian community is also taking some heat. According to the Voice of the Martyrs USA, Pastor Steven ... »

Pastors Believe for Thousands of Holy Ghost Baptisms on Pentecost Sunday

The Pentecost Sunday Initiative will come to life this Sunday as preachers in pulpits all over the world proclaim the transforming, renewing, empowering truth of the Holy Spirit. Entire Spirit-empower... »

Seminary Graduation Slated for this Weekend

Cleveland, TN–The Pentecostal Theological Seminary, a Church of God ministry, will hold commencement exercises this weekend, May 25 and 26. Receiving diplomas will be candidates for the degrees ... »

Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Fruit and the Evidence of True Pentecost

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Pentecostal”? A. A woman with a beehive hairdo, support hose, Granny shoes and no makeup? B. Someone rolling on the floor while s... »

Could Revival Bring South and North Korea Back Together?

The church in South Korea has a prayer and a vision: reunification with North Korea. Could it be possible? It may be in progress in the Spirit. Don Shenk, director of The Tide, a 65-year-old global go... »

COGIC Takes Stand Against Same-Sex Marriage

The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) is joining the Assemblies of God and other Christian bodies in speaking about against President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. COGIC is a Pentecostal Hol... »

Historical Society of Church of God Movements to Feature Gospel Singing

Cleveland, Tenn.–The Historical Society of Church of God Movements will feature the heritage of Gospel singing at its annual meeting tomorrow, May 24 on the campus of Lee University. The program... »