Somebody is ALWAYS watching

Have you ever done something and thought that you have gotten away with it because no one saw you do it? I am not talking about something major. Just little things that we may think as being insignificant. Well, the other day, I was running late for a meeting and and was coming up on a traffic light that had just turned yellow. Well, instead of stopping like a good citizen would do, I sorta kinda intentionally kept going. After all, it was still technically yellow. I had scanned the area and no one was coming from either direction so I proceeded through the intersection.

Well, no one had told me that in this city, at ALL traffic lights are these things called....................... CAMERAS!!

They automatically take photo's when the light turns red and if you have passed the white line, you receive a nice little letter in the mail with a close-up photo of your vehicle being pass that white line stating....."we gotcha...." Not to mention a 75.00 fine!!

Moral of the story. If you cannot afford a "007 car" that can rotate your tag numbers at the push of a button, then do the best you can at being the best you can.

You never know who is watching and making mental photo's to use at a later date.

Peace out............