Gotcha Back

Have you ever been in a situation that you could not handle? One in which you have tried everything you know to try and did everything you knew to do? I have......And in all honesty, it is not a pleasant situation to be in.

One of my new favorite shows that is on right now is Criminal Minds. It is because, I am a psychology buff. I love to know why people do what they do and act the way they act. I was watching it the other night and the local sheriff's office was investigating a homicide and they were having a difficult time in making progress. One of the guys looked at the other and said "we need more help." They made a call and as you can imagine in came the FBI Behavioral Unit and before you know it .....The case was solved. (In 1 hour to.....)

I started to think how we get into situations and before we know it, we are over our heads. It becomes MORE than we can do.

In short.............God is a God of MORE and He is only 1 call away. When you have done all that you know to do. HE IS THERE.

Make the call............I dare you

Peace Out................