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THR3E PART 1 | It Is Finished

Everywhere that Jesus went he was aligning the kingdom and throughout scripture we can see how the number 3 was significant in much of this. 3 nails. 3 words. 3 keys. 3 days. The King of glory that has all power and is alive and well. 3 more words reveal this…”He has risen!”

February 10, 2019 Heart Smart PART 1 VIMEO

Matthew 5:8 says “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.” You will never really see who you are until you get a glimpse of who God is. We are either striving to make it or thriving in God’s purpose when it comes to our relationships. When your heart is conflicted you will find yourself retreating back to the places you already came from. God has something so much better than […]

Kingdom Come

When the Kingdom of God shows up, the will of God follows it. Where you are doesn’t catch God off guard. Where you are is where God is going to work in your life but the things around you won’t change until you change what’s in you. If we don’t watch what is in you, it will begin to effect what is around you. In this series, Pastor Tony challenges us to seek the Kingdom […]

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