Preach to the Heart

I was reading a statement from a former pastor who had begun a new work over the last few years, dedicated to the influence and discipleship of governmental leaders. (It’s an incredible work that has found a home in the halls of Congress, the UN,... »

The Blame Game’s Finger Points Back at Me

Something I have often quoted to those I am attempting to help through their struggles with others is, “People will often accuse you of what they are doing.” Said another way, others will often place their issues on you, assuming your actio... »

Jesus slept…

We all know the famous “shortest verse” in the Gospels ... Jesus wept. It was in response to His coming upon the scene of Lazarus’ grave, encountering Lazarus’ sisters, and His humanity and divinity responding with compassion an... »

Yet Another Pastor and Church Response…

I have been watching tweets, posts and blogs throughout the day to see the response to the Election of Donald Trump as President-Elect yesterday.  I spent 8 hours watching the election results from 7 pm (EST) last evening until I turned off the TV at 3... »