My Response to “Think Younger” and the Church of God General

With our Independence Day celebration out of the way, it’s time for those of us in the Church of God to head to Nashville (if not physically, virtually) for the Church of God General Assembly. It should be an interesting one; three of the five members of the executive committee will be going off of that august body; the elections are always the highlight for many. But there are some interesting th... »




Does God Have A Future A Pentecostal Response To Christopher Halls And John Sanders Recent Book

PNEUMA_f9_130-137 2/27/06 17:12 Page 130 Pentecostal Theology, Volume 26, No. 1, Spring 2004 S SP Review Essay Does God Have a Future? A Pentecostal... »

Non Denominational Pentecostal Response

ly recognizing their differences, explicitly assert the authority of Scripture from its divine inspiration. The chief value of the report stems from its great... »