5 Reasons I Won’t Give Up on the Local Church

The early 90s were awash in books explaining why Generation X was abandoning the church. In a similar vein, there's been no shortage of blog posts, books, and conferences about how Millennials are leaving, too. A portion of every generation has pushed the church to grow in areas of sin and weakness. From monastics urging […] The post 5 Reasons I Won’t Give Up on the Local Church appea... »

5 Christian Books I Wish I’d Never Read

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was recently reflecting on books that had profoundly touched me (look for that in an upcoming post), and I got to thinking about others that, for a time, negatively influenced the way I thought about God, Scripture, relationships, and myself. I'm sure that with each of these examples, there are people who would say that one (or all) […] The post 5 Ch... »

Drop the Filler Words in Your Social Media


5 Bad Habits You Need to Drop (…Like a Bad Habit)

5. Chewing With Your Mouth Open put food in your mouth close your mouth chew the food swallow the food speak 4. Using Filler Words and Sounds If you or I printed out a day’s worth of the words that we speak, how many times would we see “like” or “uh” or “so” or “you know” or “man” or “dude” on that embarrassing piece of paper? If you had to pause to think about this, then the total is probably muc... »