5 Christian Books I Wish I’d Never Read

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was recently reflecting on books that had profoundly touched me (look for that in an upcoming post), and I got to thinking about others that, for a time, negatively influenced the way I thought about God, Scripture, relationships, and myself. I'm sure that with each of these examples, there are people who would say that one (or all) […] The post 5 Ch... »

Media Day in Virginia…

Media Day in Virginia…

As part of my developing relationship with God's Pit Crew and founder Randy Johnson, which has been such a great partner to Louisiana, I gave two days to travel to Virginia to do TV and radio work raising funds for their ministry. It was a whirlwind tr... »

Media Team Leader, New Martinsville, W.V.

We are The Refuge Church and looking to expand our leadership team with a person who is educated and passionate about elevating our media/social media/online media to the next level. […] The post Media Team Leader, New Martinsville, W.V. appeared... »

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