Discussion on Church of God General Assembly Sessions Live Broadcast on the Internet and Social Media

Premise Historically, the Church of God has been a leader in numerous theological and practical aspects of the Pentecostal faith. Ministry via modern media, unfortunately, has not been a priority until recently. The road of recovery in this area has been established by partnership with Christian TV stations and several social media experiments. Occasional broadcasts, however, have been a part of t... »

Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Many novice instructors of social media argue the importance of social principles like: (a) announce, accelerate, appropriate, (b) build, broadcast, brand, (c) collaborate, contribute, coordinate, (d) determine, deploy, deliver, (e) explore, execute, exhilarate, (f) face, foresee, facilitate, (g) go, grow, ground and so on. But all of the above amounts to nothing else than one great loss of time i... »

Media and Young Adult Pastor, Baxley, Ga.

The Baxley Church of God is actively seeking to fill the positions of Media & Young Adult Pastor. These positions are full-time positions with the ideal candidate capable of doing […] The post Media and Young Adult Pastor, Baxley, Ga. appear... »

Which Methods of Personal Communication Work Best in the Church? Phone Call, Email, Text, and Social Media

Like me, you probably get a lot of messages throughout the day. They all coalesce in my smartphone. I assume most of you have the same setup. It’s convenient. But the message amalgamation can become a source of stress, especially for task-oriented people. I’m among your ranks. So, I’m giving my thoughts about when you... The post Which Methods of Personal Communication Work Best in the Church? Pho... »