5 Bad Habits You Need to Drop (…Like a Bad Habit)

5. Chewing With Your Mouth Open put food in your mouth close your mouth chew the food swallow the food speak 4. Using Filler Words and Sounds If you or I printed out a day’s worth of the words that we speak, how many times would we see “like” or “uh” or “so” or “you know” or “man” or “dude” on that embarrassing piece of paper? If you had to pause to think about this, then the total is probably muc... »

9 Bad Charismatic Habits We Need to Break

Anybody who has read this column before knows I’m unapologetically charismatic in my theology. I love the Holy Spirit, and I believe the New Testament calls us to make room for manifestations of the Spirit. The apostle Paul gave guidelines for the gift of prophecy; he saw dramatic healings; he experienced supernatural visions; and he told church leaders not to forbid speaking in tongues (see 1 Cor... »

5 reasons why hashtag hijacking is bad marketing

Reason 1: It’s not about reach anymore If you’re going to market your company via Twitter, put your old rulebook away. It’s not all about reach and frequency on social media, it’s about finding the right audience and connecting with them in meaningful and helpful ways. Reason 2: You look like you don’t understand hashtags/the platform/your audience You know those #people #who #hashtag #every #word... »