National Church Survey to Reveal State of the Church in America Today

National Church Survey to Reveal State of the Church in America Today

National church survey reveals important data about the state of the church in America today The survey has been conducted for the past two years in several hundred congregations from all denominations across the United States. All collected national trends provide information about essential ministry dynamics and characteristics of the local congregation like: Church Type [...] »

What are the dates of the 70 Jubilees?

The Jubilees clock began ticking in 1416 BC when the children of Israel entered Canaan. The first Jubilee was 49 years later in 1367 BC. Every 49 years another Jubilee has occurred. Dates of the 70 Jubilees Year – BC Year – BC Year – AD Year – AD Year – AD 1 1367 15 681 29 6 43 692 57 1378 2 1318 16 632 30 55 44 741 58 1427 3 1269 17 583 31 104 45 790 59 1476 4 1220 1... »

Chronology of Jubilees (2015-2016)

Chronology of Jubilees Each 50th year may have been specially celebrated in ancient Israel (The last jubilee year may have been officially celebrated as late as the year 121 BCE)  Sabbatical years In the late Second-Temple Era, the custom of letting the land rest in each 7th year was an important tenet of Jewish law. Flavius Josephus, a priest-historian who lived in the first century CE, desc... »

Jubilees (49 years) and Grand Jubilees (490)

and ate that year what grows of the land without cultivation, autumn 1400 to autumn 1399 BC, Josh. 14. “And then the LAND had REST from war” (AD 1400), Josh 14:15; also 1:13-15, 3:13, 21:44, 22:4, 23:1, i.e., implies the first Sabbath year of rest for the land.) (Also see note about these verses just below this chart.) Blue squares represent the “three years” that God would... »