The Best is Yet to Come…

Time flies.

Every month seems to go faster than the last.

I try to occasionally (not often enough) slow down and reflect on what’s gone well and what needs to change for things to go better.

It’s been an amazing year, one of the busiest, hardest, and most stressful so far…some highlights-

Anniversary trip with Erika to NYC, we had a great long weekend in the City, went to the top of the Empire State Building.

Spring Training trip to Lakeland, Florida to see the Tigers with the kids, this is becoming a tradition…and I like that!

Mom and Dad’s 40th Anniversary, we celebrated with the whole family going on a Caribbean Cruise, I think Ben enjoyed it more than anyone else.

Baseball trip to Bean town with Alex, the Tigers lost, but getting to meet Justin Verlander was pretty cool.

Finally got Erika to Paris, France. It was even better than imagined, a great time in a great city, with a great lady…I’m blessed.

 Take the time today to reflect on what went well this year, and then start using that as fuel to do even better next year.

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