5 Words I Want to Embody in 2012

I have my eyes set on a good and challenging 2012.  I have some family, ministry, and personal goals on tap.  Some things that are going down in 2012 are the fruit of a few years being born…wouldn’t be fair to list them as resolutions.  The investment has already been made and they are simply going to happen.

So, I’m not rolling out substantial goals/resolutions in writing this year.  What I am doing is setting my eyes on some values or words that I want to embody in this coming year:

  • predictable – While I want to plan for the unexpected, I want to people around me to find me utterly predictable.  I want my family, my church, and my peers to see me as a constant, predictable, value-driven person.
  • courageous – I don’t want to unnecessarily put myself in harms way.  But, when opportunities arise to speak-up for the marginalized or launch out and take hold of a great opportunity, I want to step out with strength, confidence, and decisiveness.
  • strategic – I have a limited amount of time.  I have what I view as a substantial responsibility toward people.  I want to steward my time in a more strategic way than ever by investing in and receiving personal investment from the people who I can deliver the greatest impact to and who can do the same for me.
  • adventurous – 2010 was a life change year for me (I got a handle on my health). 2011 was a year where I adventured myself more than I have in my domesticated life (marriage – LOL).  I want 2012 to be a year of adventure in every arena of my life (spirituality, family, ministry, recreation).  I want to smash some self-imposed barriers and boundaries.
  • better – What was attainable in 2011 and before shouldn’t be an acceptable performance in 2012.  I’ve committed my life to an increasing mission.  If God has helped me to arrive at a blessed place, I want to honor Him by moving forward from that place.  I don’t want to indefinitely rest in His favor.  I want to steward His favor well. That means launching out from confines of safety, familiarity, and rest to grow.

In 2012 and at 38, I’m not just getting older. I pray that I’m getting better, more adventurous, more strategic, courageous, and predictable in my life mission.

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